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YouTube Gold: Duke-Arkansas Press Comments

Some interesting stuff from Arkansas and Duke

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament West Regional-Arkansas vs Duke
 Mar 26, 2022; San Francisco, CA, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward AJ Griffin (left) and forward Wendell Moore Jr. (center) and forward Paolo Banchero (right) speak to media at a press conference after their win over the Arkansas Razorbacks in the finals of the West regional of the men’s college basketball NCAA Tournament at Chase Center. The Duke Blue Devils won 78-69.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We never much cared for the UNLV team that Duke displaced in 1991 but we never forgot their slogan, borrowed from the tough guys on the strip, or in the hot tub perhaps: it ain’t the winning, it’s the collecting.

And there was one camera shot near the end of the game that showed when Duke collected: it was a shot of Eric Musselman staring in disbelief as the game slipped away.

He had nothing.

Not to take away from Arkansas. That’s a tough team and they never quit. But it was a stunning shot of a man who is helpless to stop what is happening.

We used to see that picture in the ACC when Virginia played Louisville and the great Rick Pitino would just sit there on the Louisville bench, glum and helpless.

Here is the post-game presser. Musselman starts by discreetly complaining about the officiating but also saying he thinks Duke is now the favorite in New Orleans.

Incidentally, both teams were called for 15 fouls each.

As the winning team Duke goes last so it takes a few minutes.