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Ahem: NW Missouri State Just Won The D-II Title. Again.

That’s three straight.

Syndication: Evansville Courier and Press
Black Hills State’s PJ Hayes (23) fouls Northwest Missouri’s Isaiah Jackson (4) during their semifinal game of the 2022 NCAA DII Men’s Basketball Championship Elite Eight at Ford Center in Evansville, Ind., Thursday, March 24, 2022.

We’ve been beating the drum for Northwest Missouri State’s Ben McCollum since they came to Cameron and gave Duke fits. We just can’t understand why his name doesn’t pop up when people talk about job searches. It’s ludicrous.

And why?

Because this guy wins like no one else in the game today.

And now they’ve done it again, winning the D-II title for the third year in a row and four in the last five years (not counting the Covid year). He’s lost 13 games in that stretch. Total.


His winning percentage is .801.

And he’s just 40. It’s time - way past time - for him to get a shot at a major program. No one else in the game is coming close to what he’s accomplished. The only one who has ever surpassed it is John Wooden at UCLA.

Surely there’s a program that’s willing to take a chance on a guy who is doing what McCullum is doing. Maybe when Iowa gets tired of flaming out in the first round they’ll give him a shot.