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YouTube Gold: Indiana Cheerleaders Come Through In The Clutch

One of the more fun moments in Thursday’s NCAA games

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Indiana vs Saint Mary’s
Mar 17, 2022; Portland, OR, USA; Indiana Hoosiers cheerleaders retrieve the basketball against the Saint Mary’s Gaels during the second half during the first round of the 2022 NCAA Tournament at Moda Center. 
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of amazing stuff in Thursday’s NCAA games, from gutty wins by Richmond, New Mexico State and most impressively St. Peter’s upset of Kentucky. That was really something to see. We didn’t think they had a chance to pull that off but they sure did.

Somewhere in the bowels of CBS Sports a bunch of video grunts are going through film to find stuff to put into this year’s One Shining Moment montage, the video that CBS always closes with and which almost never disappoints.

It’s a collection of passionate plays, agonizing defeat, ultimate triumph at the end and, usually, some small humorous shots.

This year they’ll have to include this clip from the Indiana-St. Mary’s game: if you didn't see it, the ball got stuck between the backboard and the clock and no one could get to it. The officials tried with a chair and a broomstick - no luck.

Then someone decided the cheerleaders should try. And why not?

You’d have to assume that the male IU cheerleader was at least within shouting distance of 6-0 and the female who stood on his shoulders was at least 5-3, probably a bit taller.

That put their combined height at around or over 10 feet and for her to reach up and grab the ball was child’s play.

Sadly, that was one of Indiana’s highlights of the evening: the Hoosiers departed after a sound beating the Gaels. But it’s going to look great in this year’s One Shining Moment.