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YouTube Gold: Jaden Schutt Update

This kid looks like he’s going to be a handful

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”Awesome, baby!” is what ESPN’s Dick Vitale would most likely be screaming as he’s given the royal treatment by Duke University’s Cameron Crazies file

Part of March, win or lose, is that one season is winding down and looking ahead to the next one. It’s why we talk about bracketology and the coaching carousel at the same time.

Sometimes, more rarely, it’s also when a program moves from one era to another, which Duke will be doing soon.

Whatever else it is, it’s also a time to look at the next set of players and Duke will have some good ones coming: Kyle Filipowski, Dariq Whitehead, Derick Lively, Mark Mitchell, Christian Reeves and Jaden Schutt.

Reeves and Schutt are the least highly regarded but that doesn’t always mean very much.

And from what we’ve learned about Schutt, he is probably underrated.

Part of that is because he is a bit under the radar at a small school. But he’s unbelievably focused for a kid his age and we think he’s going to be a lot better than people think.

Here are some highlights from his final high school game: his team, Yorkville Christian, won the Illinois 1A IHSA Basketball state title.