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YouTube Gold: US Reed’s Legendary Shot

We see this all the time now but not as much in the early ‘80’s.

University of Arkansas vs University of Louisville, 1981 NCAA Midwest Regional Playoffs Round 2
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Arkansas U.S. Reed (24) in action, getting loose ball vs Louisville at Frank Erwin Center. Austin, TX 3/14/1981 
Set Number: X25402

Big news Tuesday night as Arkansas upset Auburn in overtime.

The Razorbacks have been down for a while but that school has a history and probably more than we’re aware of.

First there was the Eddie Sutton era. He was a brilliant coach and, pre-Kentucky, not burdened with all the problems that came with that position.

Second of course was Nolan Smith - wait strike that Smith - Richardson - who led the Hogs to two Final Four encounters with Duke, losing one and winning one narrowly.

We’ll see what Eric Musselman can do with his turn at the helm.

The two greatest moments in Arkansas basketball history, in our limited opinion, are Scotty Thurman’s 1994 game winner to defeat Duke for the national championship and US Reed’s amazing 1981 game-winning shot against Louisville.

There was a reason Nolan Smith was on the brain: the last Louisville shot hit by the defending national champs was made by his father, Derek.

Arkansas had one more chance though and Reed, tightly defended, got off a shot from just behind the half-court line with one second on the clock...and nailed it.

To many, it’s regarded as the true dawn of March Madness.