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YouTube Gold: Mark Price

People tended to underestimate Price, at their cost.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Bullets
Mark Price and Brad Daugherty of the Cleveland Cavaliers and we think that’s Sidney Lowe behind Price.

When Bobby Cremins recruited Mark Price to Georgia Tech, maybe he had an idea of how good Price would be. Most fans simply had no clue.

Well, the kid from Enid turned out pretty well. He had a brilliant career at Georgia Tech. Johnny Dawkins came in with a bigger reputation but Price won ACC Rookie Of The Year in 1983 and had a terrific career, really becoming the key player in Georgia Tech’s ascent to the top of the ACC. In an era featuring Dawkins, Tommy Amaker, UNC’s Kenny Smith, Muggsy Bogues and others, Price more than held his own.

And while he was drafted lower than he should have been - in the second round by the Dallas Mavericks - he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers on draft day - the Price was right. He had a brilliant NBA career. The guy was barely 6-0 but he was surprisingly quick and smart. He had a tremendous shot as well.

Price had a 12-year career and, along with former UNC center Brad Daugherty, had the Cavaliers a step behind Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. In this video, his contemporaries talk about what a tremendous player Price was. And they’re right. He was just brilliant.