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Slow Watching Notre Dame: The Second Half

Duke really throttled the Irish here

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Notre Dame
 Jan 31, 2022; South Bend, Indiana, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Blake Wesley (0) drives to the basket as Duke Blue Devils guard Jeremy Roach (3) defends in the second half at the Purcell Pavilion. 
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
  • 19:45: First sell out in three years?
  • 19:40: For whatever reason, Goodwin never saw this pass coming. But Griffin did.
  • 19:10: Notre Dame defended really well here but Atkinson kind of fell asleep on Williams. Roach missed his call for an alley-oop but Williams got it on the tip-in.
  • 18:40: Wesley was about to shoot into a block here and was smart enough to dump the ball first. Williams nearly got the drive from Hubb and then Atkinson tipped the miss in. But look at the impact Williams had.
  • 18:20: Griffin saw the alley-oop to Bancheron and tried to look away first. Pass was a bit high because of that?
  • 17:38: This play is really pretty amazing. Watch Williams. He tips the rebound out - clearly intentionally - without looking - to Roach. If you watch carefully, it sure looks like he knew where Roach was and put the ball where he could get it. That’s an incredible bit of court awareness. Then he slaps the ball back out to Roach again. A Griffin three puts Duke up 32-16 - but Williams gave Duke three cracks at the basket.
  • 16:53: Young Wesley drives on Williams, who opts to avoid the foul and doesn’t go for the block. No one told Wesley, who misses everything except the backboard.
  • 16:12: Williams makes the rare drive, pulls two defenders in and dumps it to Banchero for an easy bucket.
  • 15:33: Youth coaches always counsel against fadeaway and stepback shots and this is the reason why.
  • 15:25: Atkinson was wide open with Williams right behind him. Which is probably why he blew this shot so badly.
  • 15:19: Given the level of contact here, how is this not a block on Goodwin? Duke by 18 again. Then again, Griffin may have walked.
  • 14:57: This Duke team has an amazing ability to reach around and tap a ball loose as Goodwin’s nightmare continues.
  • 14:44: Banchero abuses Goodwin to push the lead to 20.
  • 14:29: It’s like Wesley is bargaining with fate here but there’s no denying Williams this rather forceful block.
  • 13:58: Banchero burns Laszewski as Duke is now essentially scrimmaging. Listen to the net on this shot.
  • 13:33: Atkinson gets two cracks and expects Williams to block both. Not surprisingly he misses both. Hubb FINALLY gets Notre Dame’s first three.
  • 12:40: AJ Griffin gets an easy basket and hushes the crowd.
  • 12:29: Laszewski sees an easy path for Wertz to cut to the basket but, inexplicably, passes well behind his teammate.
  • 11:39: Duke had 14 turnovers against the Irish and at least three were on the baseline on Notre Dame’s end of the court.
  • 11:21: Pretty little cut by John here. Moore with the assist.
  • 10:38: Wesley is not nearly as intimidated with Williams on the bench.
  • 10:25: Goodwin cannot begin to guard Banchero.
  • 10:16: Obe-Wan: Williams is our only hope for a shot blocker. Yoda: No. There is another. What a massive stuff by Banchero!
  • 9:32: Duke set out to end the three. This is only Notre Dame’s second.
  • 8:34: Banchero is learning to play hard inside. This is huge for Duke.
  • 8:10: Atkinson surprises Williams with a quick reverse.
  • 7:49: Banchero has proven himself. Long since. But passes like this are just freaking dazzling.
  • 7:34: Again, Goodwin has no hope of guarding Banchero. He’s having a field day.
  • 7:16: Really clever pass by Laszewski here but Goodwin hits the bottom of the rim on the drive.
  • Clock obscured: Atkinson shows some really nice footwork here but Williams still appears to get a piece of the shot.
  • 5:11: Banchero is completely at ease now. No worries at all.
  • 4:15: Anyone who at this point thinks Williams is just a shot blocker is a fool.
  • 3:20: Griffin is not yet done tormenting Goodwin.
  • 3:00: Atkinson finished this game with 14 points and a ton of respect.
  • 2:22: Jones reaches in and takes the ball away. He’s really been much better than we ever thought he could be.
  • 1:58: Roach drives and is surrounded by four defenders. It goes about as you might expect.
  • 1:50: another smart play by Jones on defense. Loving that guy’s game.
  • 52.1: 52.1. 40 points. Let that sink in.
  • 33: Jones with the three!