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ACC Roundup: Monday Night Rivalry Game!

And should be a fun one too.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Feb 2, 2022; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies forward Justyn Mutts (25) reacts following a win against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Cassell Coliseum. 
Ryan Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

There’s only one ACC game on Monday but it’s an intriguing one: Virginia goes over the mountains to Blacksburg to take on hated rival Virginia Tech.

Here’s an indication of the intensity of the rivalry: architect Mark Lindsey, a Virginia Tech grad, pulled off the ultimate prank, incorporating the VT logo into Bryant Hall, a building which was part of the football stadium complex.

It’s not quite Duke-UNC, but it’s a great rivalry and the teams really get after each other.

And factor this in too: Virginia has won four straight and six of the last eight while Virginia Tech has won five in a row.

Something has to give.

One thing seems obvious to us: Nahiem Alleyne at times has been a disastrous ball handler. We’d be very careful with him against the ‘Hoos.

It’s always fun to see how these teams match up because Tony Bennett wants to grind you down while Virginia Tech wants to outrun and outshoot you. Who wins that battle?

Either team, or possibly both, could heat up enough to make a late run for a bid. It might take some ACC Tournament wins to make it though. A loss here would be more important than it has been in recent seasons.

Monday’s ACC Action

Virginia @ Virginia Tech || 7:00 || ESPN

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