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YouTube Gold: The NBA’s Rising Stars In 1971

Including one Blue Devil

Jack Marin
Former Duke star Jack Marin as a Chicago Bull

In the early 1970’s, professional basketball was in a major transition. The Boston Celtics dynasty was apparently over (it would be back soon). Wilt Chamberlain was winding down. The Knicks were ascendant but otherwise, the league was getting a bit boring.

There were some new stars on the way though, and this video from 1971 highlights some of them.

They make a stop in Houston where young Elvin Hayes, Rudy Tomjanovich and Calvin Murphy were just getting started.

For Duke fans, the fun part is when they get to Baltimore (the Bullets) and show Wes Unseld and former Duke star Jack Marin. A lot of these old videos make guys look slow and antiquated, but when they get to Phil Chenier, that guy is anything but.

You have to look quickly but you’ll also see a cameo by former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson when he was with the Knicks (if you see Willis Reed, you went too far).

If you remember any of these players, that’s fun and if not, you get a better idea of the history of the NBA. Julius Erving is in the ABA. David Thompson and Bill Walton are not far off and Bird and Magic are less than a decade away.

Look how much things are about to change.