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YouTube Gold: Chris Smith Makes LSU Look Very, Very Foolish

What a fun play for Bulldog fans

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
 ATLANTA, GEORGIA - DECEMBER 03: Christopher Smith #29 of the Georgia Bulldogs recovers a blocked field goal for a 95 yard touchdown against the LSU Tigers during the first quarter in the SEC Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 03, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of the best things you can say about an athlete, or a team, is that he, she or they is/are alert.

There are some wonderful examples of this in sports history. Consider Larry Bird stealing the ball against Detroit and Isaiah Thomas and then hitting Dennis Johnson for a layup in 1987 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Consider Keith Gatlin at Maryland inbounding the ball off the backside of UNC’s Kenny Smith and getting a layup as time wound down - in the Dean Dome, no less. Consider Mike Krzyzewski changing the call at the last second vs. UConn in the 1990 NCAA Tournament and calling “special!” for Christian Laettner, who hit the buzzer beater.

And then there are trick plays, some of which are just amazing.

What happened at LSU Saturday wasn’t exactly a trick play. If it was, it was something Georgia had deep in the playbook on a just-in-case-it-ever-happened sort of way.

LSU tried for a field goal when the game was still 0-0 and Georgia blocked it. the Tigers ran off the field as the ball rolled to a stop.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dead ball and Bulldog Chris Smith let them leave before he picked it up, running it back for a 95 yard touchdown with a wide open field before him.

The interesting part of this video is that at least two guys, Cash Jones (#32) and Kendall Milton (#2) are waving at him that the ball is dead...but as soon as he takes off, they are right there to block.

Not that there were any blocks. Two LSU defenders pops into view late, but neither one got there in time to do anything at all.

Fans of both schools are going to talk about this for years, but LSU fans won’t enjoy it as much as Georgia fans will.