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Coach K Passes The Torch To A Former Rival

As he says some highly complimentary things to Kansas coach Bill Self

State Farm Champions Classic - Duke v Kansas
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 15: Head coach Mike Krzyzewski (L) of the Duke Blue Devils talks with head coach Bill Self of the Kansas Jayhawks during the State Farm Champions Classic at Madison Square Garden on November 15, 2016 in New York City.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Mike Krzyzewski is retired now, but he clearly still wants on some level to stay involved in the game. He has various ways to make his voice heard - he can call any reporter he wants to and be sure he’ll be quoted, and accurately.

He also has his own platform with Sirius XM of course and he speaks to other coaches on a regular basis there.

He had Kansas coach Bill Self on a recent episode of Basketball and Beyond and gave Self rare praise.

He told him that he was the most important coach in the game today, which sounds right, and praised him for his immense success at Kansas (Self has owned the Big 12 since he got there).

They also talked about the current state of the game with NIL and the transfer portal and the like.

He doesn’t need it - Self has won two national championships, 16 regular season Big 12 championships and nine Big 12 tournament championships since arriving at KU in 2003 - but it must be nice to have the torch passed in such a public way.