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YouTube Gold: A Bit Of Christmas Cheer

Or Christian cheer if you prefer.

Duke University vs University of Kentucky, 1992 NCAA East Regional Finals
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke Christian Laettner (32) vs Kentucky Sean Woods (11) during game at The Spectrum. Philadelphia, PA 3/28/1992
Set Number: X42666

Because it’s Christmas, it’s time for a Duke Christmas present, and what could possibly be better than The Laettner Shot?

This clip is pretty cool because you see and hear more than you normally do.

For instance, there are some close up bench shots. We all know the Thomas Hill reaction to Laettner’s shot, but how many of you remember how Erik Meek reacted to Sean Wood’s amazing shot that preceded Laettner’s?

And you see that right after Woods hit that shot, Laettner was alert enough to not just call timeout but to put his hands up high where they could not be missed?

Pretty smart.

Look too at Laettner’s free throws: what perfect form! He makes it look incredibly easy. You’ll also hear Len Elmore saying that Duke would probably try to get it to half court and call timeout, only to see Grant Hill throw a 34 court pass to Laettner who of course nailed the shot.

Then you’ll see Tony Lang fist pump so hard he hits the floor and Laettner’s late mother, Bonnie, snarl at someone who tries to hug her. We found out later that she was furious about the abuse her boy took in 1992.

Then at the end, you’ll see Rick Pitino walk off, frustrated and defeated. Later he would say he regretted not guarding Hill on the out of bounds play.

Anyway, Merry Christmas! Even you Kentucky fans! And you UNC fans too.