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Duke Recruiting: Boozer Twins Update

They're nowhere near a decision but who cares? This is going to be fun.

Syndication: The News-Press
 Columbus s Cameron Boozer blocks a shot put up SFCA s Yadniel Sanabria during the Hugh Thimlar basketball game at the City of Palms Classic. 
Andrew West/The News-Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

One of the more interesting things about the current recruiting cycle (or cycles if you prefer) is that Carlos Boozer’s twin sons, Cameron and Cayden.

Cameron is a 6-8 forward who is seen as the #1 or #2 player in the class of 2025 while Cayden is a 6-3 guard who is Top Fifteen. Not too long ago, he was pegged as the 25th player in his class.

As you may recall, we think the whole ranking things is a load of hooey. The other day, we saw that Matt Painter said after a handful of players, the rest of any class is a crapshoot. You just can’t know.

That said, both brothers are pretty darn highly regarded. And as we have heard before, they’re certainly not locks for Duke.

Cayden told Zagsblog that “[t]he advice my dad has given me is to just take my time on it, not try to rush to commit. View my options and make sure I make the right decision for me.”

And they both know that while they might end up at the same school, they might not, too.

Whatever they do, it’s going to be fun to watch. We’d love to see them in Cameron, but even if that doesn’t happen, we’ll see them as second generation members of the Brotherhood.