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YouTube Gold: AJ Griffin For The Win!

And the shot...who does that?!

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 11: Onyeka Okongwu #17 reacts with AJ Griffin #14 of the Atlanta Hawks after the 123-122 victory in overtime against the Chicago Bulls at State Farm Arena on December 11, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

At Duke, we saw that AJ Griffin could shoot, but he didn't really establish himself as a truly great player. Very good? Certainly. Great? Not enough reps for greatness.

He was drafted with the 16th pick by Atlanta in June’s annual homage to hype, hope and questionable fashion choices.

It took Griffin a little while to get going in Atlanta, partly due to an early injury.

Well, he’s going now. Griffin is averaging 9.8 ppg. In the last five games, that’s up to 13.5 ppg and in the last six, he’s hit for 15, 24, 11, 9, 10 and, on Sunday vs. Chicago, 17.

People may remember some of his first 15 points or not. But they’ll never forget his last two.

Chicago’s DeMar DeRozan was fouled at the very end of overtime and hit all three, putting the Bulls up 123-122.

That should have ended it but the Hawks had other plans and it involved two members of the Brotherhood: Griffin and Jalen Johnson.

Johnson looked for Hawks star Trae Young, who was locked up, and instead found Griffin under the hoop and tossed him an alley-oop.

Griffin caught it with his back to the basket, turned, and put a six-foot shot in over 6-6 Derrick Jones, Jr.

Did we mention there was just a half-second on the clock?

One of the best parts of this was watching his teammates gleefully rush him.

When he looks back on his career someday, this is probably going to be one of the great highlights.

It’s not his first buzzer beater either: Griffin got his first against Toronto, which was also fairly spectacular.