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YouTube Gold: Arizona’s Steve Kerr

Before he was a great coach, Kerr was a great point guard

University of Arizona vs Duke University, 1987 Fiesta Bowl Classic
College Basketball: Fiesta Bowl Classic: Arizona Steve Kerr (25) in action, passing vs Duke at McKale Memorial Center. Tucson, AZ 12/30/1987 
Set Number: X35959

Most people now know Steve Kerr as the coach of the Golden State Warriors, where he’s been immensely successful.

Before that, a lot of fans will remember him with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, where he was also very successful.

But fewer will remember him at Arizona, where he was also successful.

He was one of Lute Olson’s first recruits there, if not his first, and Arizona was his first and only offer.

He was slow, not overly athletic and seemed like an easy target - but he never was.

He took care of the ball brilliantly and, as always, shot very, very well.

Here are some of his highlights from his Tucson days. It was a heady time - Arizona had rarely had basketball success and suddenly it was coming in droves. Kerr helped lead U of A to the 1988 Final Four, where the Wildcats lost to Oklahoma.

Bottom line: the guy has always been a winner.