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Gradey Dick Is Something Else

That guy has star written all over him

Syndication: The Topeka Capital-Journal
 Kansas freshman guard Gradey Dick (4) dribbles down court during the first half of Thursday’s game against Pitt State inside Allen Fieldhouse.
Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

As we told you before the Duke-Kansas game, or at least those of you who hadn’t caught on yet, Jayhawk Gradey Dick is a serious talent.

Duke managed to hold him more or less in check until the final 2:19. He didn't even attempt a second-half shot until that point and then he ripped off seven straight.

It’s not just he scored seven straight. It’s when he did it, and how.

He hit a three. Then he got an alley-top. Then he got loose and got the ball close to the basket.

And he also played solid D and got a key rebound with :22 left.

We said Wednesday that whatever It is, he has It. And what that is, really, is instinct. He knows where the ball is going and gets there. And when he gets there, he knows what to do with it, too.

Some guys just get it. They know where the ball is going to come off for the rebound. They know that a guy is about to spin into a steal and all they have to do is just wait a few seconds.

What he has are superb instincts for this game. We’d like to see him extend it to passing because if he becomes a great passer, then he goes from being immensely promising to potentially great.

The fun thing, unless your team has to play him, is that he’s nowhere near the player he will become. Larry Bird is going to be the natural comparison but the more apt one may be Rick Barry: just a very good player in every aspect who can take over a game.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the granny free throws though.