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Kansas Is Next And Kansas Poses A Particular Problem

You will be hearing this name a lot.

Villanova University vs University of Kansas, 2022 NCAA National Semifinals
 College Basketball: NCAA Final Four: Kansas mascot looks on vs Villanova at Caesars Superdome. New Orleans, LA
Set Number: X164001 TK1

We’ll get into Kansas more, but we just wanted to mention this to anyone who hasn’t caught on yet: Kansas freshman Gradey Dick is good. Like really, really good.

We’ve only seen the highlights but some guys just have a feel for the game. It’s on a completely different level than the average player.

Dick is one of those guys.

Check out these highlights. The first thing that really jumps out is the defense at around 22 seconds in or so.

That whole sequence is incredibly impressive. Larry Bird would love it.

But it’s not just that. It’s that he has a beautiful jump shot. He can drive, he can go to his left. He’s also an excellent ballhandler. And did we mention he’s 6-8?

You don’t have to watch him for long to see his potential. Right now, he’s a skinny freshman and some guys will punk him somehow this season. Not for long, though.

We could be wrong, it happens, but to us, he looks like someone who could become very, very special.

Enjoy it while you can, Jayhawks. Every single minute.

Speaking of Bird, that could be a problem for Dick. If he keeps playing like this, the Bird comparisons are going to be inevitable. Being 6-8 and blond won’t help either.

He needs to be careful not to get caught up in that. The rest of us, however, just get to enjoy the show.