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A Dumb Article About Coach K’s Future

This one really is.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Practice Day
Apr 1, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski watches his team during a practice session before the 2022 NCAA men’s basketball tournament Final Four semifinals at Caesars Superdome. 
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Typically, silly season follows basketball season, but this is safe to file under silly season, and we’ll tell you why in a minute.

The gist of this is that Mike Krzyzewski is going to crop up in rumors to coach the Los Angeles Lakers.

Don’t go there. It’s not going to happen.

There are the basic reasons that everyone knows. The man is retired, he says he doesn’t miss it and, to be polite, he’s getting on a bit. Now 75, and turning 76 in February, Coach K presumably has various health issues to deal with, probably none major, but all more difficult later in life. When he retired at Duke, he made it a point to say that he had discussed it with wife Mickie for quite some time.

And now we’re getting to it.

Krzyzewski has always placed an emphasis on family. And when the various NBA teams made runs at him, we knew it was never going to happen. We’d have bet a house on it. Why?

Because he incorporated his wife and all three daughters into the program and no NBA team could hope to replicate that. Even if they tried, obviously Krzyzewski knows they could fire him at any time. Fine for him, but for the rest of his family?

It was never going to happen at Duke, and the chances of it happening after Duke, the idea of him coaching every day and traveling constantly, and being away from his family for most of the year after he retired to be with them?

This is a really dumb idea.

That said, he’s right that rumors could spring up. But now you know why it’s exceedingly unlikely to happen.