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YouTube Gold: The Fog Game

An amazing, confusing and fun NFL game from 1988.

Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles, 1988 NFC Divisional Playoffs
 Football: NFL Playoffs: Philadelphia Eagles Luis Zendejas (8) in action, making field goal vs Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Fog Bowl. Chicago, IL 12/31/1988 
Set Number: X37631 TK2 R12 F20

One of the great things about football, as it should be anyway, is that it is played outdoors in the elements.

This has led to some amazing games in the NFL. You have the Freezer Bowl and the Ice Bowl among other classics. And in 1988, you had the Fog Bowl.

This was in Chicago on New Year’s Even in 1988. It was a strange situation - a mix of hot and cold air only covered about 15 blocks which included Soldier Field.

It started in the third quarter and pretty quickly, you couldn’t really see the field. You could see movement, but who was it? It as impossible to tell.

Players had limited vision as well obviously. The passing games shut down almost completely. The announcers had no idea what was going on.

This was a game that ended up in the trenches. You could see people who were close to you but not much more.

All in all, one of the strangest, most interesting NBA games of all time.

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