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Latest Chronicle Profile: Max Johns

His role may be behind the scenes but he has a chance to do some big things within that role.

Ivy League Basketball Tournament - Princeton v Cornell
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - MARCH 12: Greg Dolan #4 of the Cornell Big Red defends against Max Johns #40 of the Princeton Tigers during the Ivy League Basketball Tournament Semifinals game at Lavietes Pavilion on March 12, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo by Rachel O’Driscoll/Getty Images

The Duke Chronicle’s player profiles continue and this time it’s Max Johns.

Johns, a native of High Point, transfers to Duke from Princeton and is a grad student. He’s an intriguing transfer.

He’s most likely going to be fairly far down the bench and has been described as a practice player. But at a lot of schools he would push for serious minutes.

He’s 6-5 and should be steady and also a significant team and locker room presence. He should be a big help in those areas, and if he’s needed, we expect he can help on the court as well.

At Princeton, he got seven minutes per game and minimal statistical contributions. But here’s the thing about the four transfers that Jon Scheyer brought in: other than Jacob Grandison, they’re from academically elite schools. These are guys who know how to manage their time and academics in addition to basketball. Even if he doesn’t play a lot, he’ll help the younger players out in a lot of ways. His contributions may never be fully known by people outside the locker room, but he has a chance to be a key part of something special. That’s hard to turn down.