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A Look Inside Jon Scheyer’s Duke Program

A first glance at how things are changing around Cameron

Miami Marlins v Chicago Cubs
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - AUGUST 07: Head coach Jon Scheyer of Duke basketball throws the ceremonial first pitch of the game between the Chicago Cubs and the Miami Marlins at Wrigley Field on August 07, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

As Duke Basketball moves from the Krzyzewski Era to the shiny new Jon Scheyer era, things are obviously going to change. In this ESPN story, Myron Medcalf does a nice job of catching the new vibe. Obviously everyone has immense respect for Coach K, but there is a sense of things lightening up a bit.

There’s no doubt that Mike Krzyzewski kept everyone on their toes. Duke got to where it got because he was vigilant about maintaining the highest possibles standards even as he adapted to constantly changing circumstances in college basketball.

So it’s interesting to see things like Jeremy Roach saying this: “I just think that everybody is loose now. When Coach K is around, you obviously want to make sure you’re doing everything right for him because that’s what he expects, 100 percent. I feel like everybody’s comfortable now. Kind of relaxed, not uptight. You don’t have to think about too much. Very comfortable.”

That’s not to say that Scheyer won’t maintain standards. We’re sure he will. But the atmosphere has clearly changed and a lighter touch might work too. And a young, hungry staff is also likely to be a positive.