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YouTube Gold: JJ Redick Destroys The Tar Heels In Chapel Hill

Redick remains a singular figure in Duke Basketball villainy, at least for other teams. Duke fans loved him. Still do.

Sporting News Archive
 5 Feb 2004: J.J. Redick of the Duke Blue Devils shows emotion during the Devils 83-81 overtime victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, NC.
Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Christian Laettner probably is the most disliked Duke player of all time, and certainly in Kentucky but overall too. Toss in four Final Fours and two swaggering back-to-back championships and it’s hard to argue.

He has competition - Grayson Allen really rubbed people the wrong way. Steve Wojciechowski’s intensity annoyed people, but he lacked Laettner’s greatness. Shane Battier generated a certain amount of dislike. But really, Laettner’s only competition for most hated Duke player is JJ Redick.

Redick brought a certain amount of swagger to Duke early but really, he didn’t hit his stride until he fully committed after his sophomore year. Then he became something special. He was such a dangerous shooter that his jerseys usually lasted just one game: they were stretched out of shape by opponents desperate to slow him down. The only way they could was to grab it and hold on.

In 2006, when Duke visited Chapel Hill, Redick had a particularly good game, finishing with 35 points and four steals in the greatest rivalry game of all.

When he played like this, no one could stop him.