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Dereck Lively The Latest Blue Devil Nominated For A National Award

It’s cool but at this point not very meaningful

Arkansas v Duke
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 26: Jeremy Roach #3 of the Duke Blue Devils puts up a shot against JD Notae #1 of the Arkansas Razorbacks in the second half during the Elite Eight round of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Chase Center on March 26, 2022 in San Francisco, California.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Even thought it’s not a big deal (yet), this is nice: Duke now has five players nominated for national awards:

However, we kind of stopped making a big deal about these things. Why?

Not because it’s anyone’s fault - you can’t help your age and how the game has changed - but four of the five haven't played a minute of college basketball.

They’re all talented players, but it’s just a bit much to nominate most freshmen for a major national award.

That’s not to say that they can’t win it. But really, the nominees should be nominated based on their accomplishments, not their potential.

It’s possible all the awards do this - we wouldn’t know - but we hope they all look carefully later in the season and see who might have been overlooked and add them to the list. It just seems more fair.