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Latest Chronicle Profile: Christian Reeves

The young big certainly generated some discussion after his Countdown To Craziness performance. e

Countdown to Craziness Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The biggest surprise/revelation from the Countdown To Craziness scrimmage was freshman big man Christian Reeves.

The original idea was that he would redshirt this year and be ready to step in next year.


That’s not as clear.

Numbers alone may keep that plan going as Duke also has Dereck Lively, Kyle Filipowski and Ryan Young, all of whom are going to play. But Reeves definitely opened some eyes at CTC22.

He blocked shots, scored and ran the court beautifully. At 7-1, he’s as big as Lively and possibly a bit stronger (Lively will mature, but he’s quite thin at this point).His high school coach said that Duke was getting a guy who was much better than people realized and it’s beginning to look as if he wasn’t just blowing smoke.

He’s the subject of the latest Duke Chronicle profile of this year’s team and here’s what Matthew Brathwaite has to say about this promising talent.

This is the Chronicle’s second piece on Reeves. The first ran back August.