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YouTube Gold: Larry Bird’s Top Ten Game Winners

It’s kind of surreal when you get down to it

Larry Bird Celebrating Victory
Larry Bird Celebrating Victory

Larry Bird was a lot of things including ruthless, a bit cruel, but most of all, relentlessly competitive. You could never take a lead for granted.

Like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, Bird never shied from pressure. He wasn't just willing to take a critical shot; he demanded to.

At one point, according to this video, Bird told coach KC Jones to scrap the play he called or against Seattle and just give him the ball. Then he told Xavier McDaniels that he was going to get the ball and shoot, and told him exactly what he was going to do.

McDaniels still couldn’t stop him.

If there was time left on the clock, he was hugely dangerous, as Isaiah Thomas famously found out when Bird picked off an inbounds pass then teetered on the baseline before hitting teammate Dennis Johnson for a winning layup.

This video is all just Bird game winners. It’s still hard to believe one guy could come through that consistently.