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YouTube Gold: Bobby Hurley Goes For Broke Against UNLV

An unbelievably gutty shot by Duke’s best-ever point guard

University of Nevada Las Vegas vs Duke University, 1991 NCAA National Semifinals
College Basketball: NCAA Final Four: Duke Bobby Hurley (11) in action vs UNLV Anderson Hunt (12) at Hoosier Dome. Indianapolis, IN 3/30/1991 
Set Number: X41204

Remember how, after Duke beat Wisconsin for the 2015 title, how Mike Krzyzewksi called Grayson Allen’s diving for the ball “the most important play” in Duke history?

He would know better than us, but you could also argue that prior to that play, Bobby Hurley had it.

We’re referring to his huge shot against UNLV in the 1991 NCAA semifinals.

Fearsome UNLV had gradually tightened up during the tournament and by the time Duke played them, the undefeated Rebels were beatable - but barely.

Duke had fallen behind 76-71 with less than 2:30 left, when the ball swung right and then back left to Hurley, who was almost unguarded out past the three point line.

He was wide open. And just as Billy Packer says “still plenty of time and not worrying about a three...” when he launched, cutting the lead to 76-74 and putting the pressure right back on UNLV.

Later, he said this: “I understood the magnitude of the possession. I guess what was going through my mind was: If I get a crack or a seam, I’m shooting it. Because I trust myself and I trust the work I put in. I knew it was a critical possession. You trust your teammates, and you know they can make plays, but deep down I decided: If they give me a look, I’m letting it go.”

We can’t find this quote, but after the game he also said something like “I was waiting for that shot all year,” presumably referring to the previous season when UNLV embarrassed Duke in the championship game.