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Time For Countdown To Craziness!

Let’s go Duke!

Duke Countdown To Craziness
Last year, Dereck Lively observed Countdown to Craziness. This year, he’ll live it.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Countdown to Craziness is just hours away now, and since it’s become Duke’s defacto start of the season, that’s even better.

For the first time in what’s reasonably close to a half-century, Mike Krzyzewski will not coach Duke Basketball.

The transition has been talked about to the point where we just assume everyone is a little sick of it. We know the basics - Jon Scheyer is young. Coach K is keeping his distance. Duke’s freshmen are talented but what will Scheyer do with them? How will he shake things up?

As interesting as all of it has been, now it’s time to start answering those questions. So let’s see what happens in Cameron, with the bright lights on.