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Slow Watching The First Half Of Duke-Georgia Tech

It’s more fun to watch this one in slo-mo.

Georgia Tech v Duke
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - JANUARY 04: (L-R) Wendell Moore Jr. #0, Trevor Keels #1 and Joey Baker #13 help A.J. Griffin #21 of the Duke Blue Devils up off the floor during their game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 04, 2022 in Durham, North Carolina. Duke won 69-57.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images
  • Tipoff: You can tell Covid has had an effect because this is the first tip all year that Williams didn’t get on the way up. Or on the way down for that matter.
  • 19:33: For some reason, guys just love to challenge Williams inside. Didn’t go well for Usher.
  • 19:23: K. Moore defends Banchero about as well as he possibly could here. He’s just too small and thin.
  • 19:07: Banchero gets Meka alone inside and all Meka can do is to put his hands up. Which is also the international sign for surrender.
  • 18:33: Roach goes for the loose ball but he’s too late. But check out the foul-evading spin.
  • 17:37: Usher and DeVoe have to keep tabs on Williams but when Usher switches to guard the lane, DeVoe has to cover a lot of space. Williams realizes he can’t be stopped and calls for the alley-oop, which Roach promptly delivers.
  • 17:20: We love how Williams can pop the ball loose out on the perimeter but Meka is no threat. This allows him to pick up the ball and get a layup. This is only his second basket - of the year.
  • 17:08: Williams calls for another alley-oop and this time Banchero obliges. Pastner sends 7-1 Gigiberia to check in.
  • 16:45: Sturdivant picks up #2. Someone should tell Pastner that the virus can float under his face guard.
  • 16:36: Gigiberia pays immediate dividends as he blocks Moore and Usher dunks on the other end.
  • 16:10: Someone should tell Corey Alexander that six GT players have a win over Duke and just last year too. Geez.
  • 16:07: Banchero has a pretty open three but can’t hit.
  • 16:02: Gigiberia forces Williams to go to the other side of the basket and he misses.
  • 15:52: Gigiberia takes it up on Williams but visibly lacks confidence. A miss is no surprise.
  • 15:39: Some really good ball movement gets the ball to W. Moore for a drive. He misses but he looked off for most of this Covid game.
  • 15:22: Gigiberia bobbles and watch how fast Williams gets his hand off him to show he didn’t make that happen.
  • 14:58: Tons of missed shots in this game, understandably, but Keels was sure this one was going in. But it didn’t. Gigiberia rebounds. He’s having a definite impact.
  • 14:43: Usher gets it to Gigiberia for a shot in the lane but he’s timid and “You’re No Paolo Mine” Banchero blocks it.
  • 14:23: W. Moore looks as affected by Covid as anyone but his defense here is really impressive. Gigiberia bobbles again but you can see the potential.
  • 13:57: Baker hits his only shot and over Gigiberia, who rushes to the corner to try to stop it.
  • 13:43: No ball-you-man: Baker looks away and Usher books it to the rim. Foul on Baker.
  • 13:22: With Williams out, Pastner goes small.
  • 13:02: This drive wasn’t easy but look where Roach is when he shot. That’s some major adjustment. Three-point play for Roach.
  • 12:28: Baker makes a keen pass to John who misses. Pass is sweet though.
  • 12:11: Keel mode on the open three!
  • 10:34: Keels whiffs but Griffins gets the ball and then Tech fouls .
  • 9:53: Roach tries to penetrate but loses his balance.
  • 9:40: Tech scores here but W. Moore is playing some really gutty defense.
  • 9:18: Moore looks like he’s conserving energy then he just goes old dude at the Y and passes over the D and Banchero draws the foul.
  • 9:09: Banchero is triple-teamed on the inbounds and still scores.
  • 8:42: Moore puts a nice move on Banchero but can’t score perhaps because Williams goes after his shot. Meka follows up but can’t hit then bobbles the ball out of bounds. Jordan Meka #23. Jordan #23. Just pointing it out.
  • 8:29: W. Moore turns the corner but just can’t get the shot to go down. Visibly frustrated.
  • 7:17: A cunning pass by Gigiberia. Really nicely done. Lay-up was missed though.
  • 6:31: Beautiful pass by Roach to John who misses.
  • 6:21: Check this out: John goes up to stop Coleman then recovers fast enough to block Gigiberia. But Gigiberia helped by not going up confidently. Baker fouled but still pretty cool work by Big Bad John.
  • 6:00: Griffin suckers Usher then drives on Gigiberia and gets a shot off on the 7-1 center, drawing a foul.
  • 5:52: Even with Covid aftermath, W. Moore is defending this hard. Doesn’t seem like a one point game.
  • 5:02: This has to be backcourt, right? His feet are across the line and he’s dribbling behind it. Right?
  • 4:52: Watch this sequence and imagine how much better Gigiberia would be if he played with confidence. So many missed opportunities.
  • 3:49: Watch how smoothly Griffin steps back after screening then gets the ball for an open three. Which he nails. Guy is allegedly a freshman. Also note how relaxed he is after the shot.
  • 2:29: Banchero sees the defense collapse so what does he do? Spins out of a double team, gets fouled, and goes to the line.
  • 1:29: Banchero shouldn’t be able to drive this easily against the 6-7 Usher.
  • 1:22: Usher gets the ball just past half court and you can tell he’s already decided to challenge Williams - which is a mistake that Williams pounces on with a mid-air block. Which he catches and saves in-bounds.
  • 1:10: Roach gets fouled on a three point attempt. Check out Usher after the reject. Ouch!
  • 1:05: Start here and watch Keels swivel away from a foul. Then watch him to do it again…
  • 1:01: ...Here. He really should take a dance class at Duke. Guy’s a natural.
  • :24.3: Classic mistake: Banchero turns before he’s caught the ball and gets called for backcourt.
  • :17.8: Moore’s done a great job on DeVoe but fouls him here. It’s in the open court, so hard to miss or overlook.