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Duke Overcomes Covid & Georgia Tech

The game was erratic but spiced up by Michael DeVoe and an idiotic studio performance.

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Georgia Tech v Duke
DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 04: Theo John #12 of the Duke Blue Devils collides with Saba Gigiberia #2 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets following a shot attempt in the first half at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 4, 2022 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

So what did we learn in Duke’s win over Georgia Tech? Well, first that the Devils showed a lot of heart since everyone just got over Covid. Second, that Michael DeVoe managed to establish himself as a Cameron villain in his final visit. And third that KJ Williams just blew a hole in his broadcasting future.

Duke, as you probably know, had basically the entire team contract Covid. It was really obvious that Wendell Moore was not himself - he shot 2-11, missed open layups and generally played like he’d been sick - and Duke as a whole shot just 37.3 percent (Tech hit 32.8 percent) in the 69-57 win.

The big difference?

Duke got to the line a ton more, getting 40 shots and hitting 26. The Devils had a 17 point advantage there.

Only Paolo Banchero, Mark Williams and AJ Griffin hit 50 percent or better. Well, Joey Baker was 1-1. Banchero and Williams were more or less themselves, with Banchero finishing with 17 points and 11 boards while Williams got 10 points and 14 boards. Both had three blocks.

In general, we saw an exhausted team that pushed itself really, really hard. It was pretty much what we anticipated, a weak, drained team overcoming another that has also had Covid issues.

We don't know what happened with DeVoe exactly, but he seemingly woofed at Coach K and as you might expect, Krzyzewski took exception. Good thing for DeVoe it was during a game. Coach K has for decades made it clear to his players that he might lose a fight but someone’s gonna have to die before it’s over because he’s not giving up.

After the game, Coach K and Tech coach Josh Pastner spoke about it more, with some animated gestures. We’ll learn more eventually but for right now, wow. A bit of tension at the end of a very strange, ragged game.

Finally, young KJ.

That guy’s broadcast career may have just gone down in baby blue flames. Is he seriously unable to understand what happened in this game?

The guy sat there and questioned Duke’s heart and preparation for this game, insinuating that the Blue Devils needed to learn how to prepare for these sorts of games.

He basically channeled his dad, Kenny, who for years has mocked Duke - on NBA broadcasts.

It’s fine, he’s a Heel, he can do that.

On an NBA broadcast.

On the ACC Network though, where neutrality is supposed to reign, that sort of immaturity is a really bad idea and Williams essentially said that Duke didn't come prepared and if it thought it could get through the league with that kind of attitude....He continued in the same vein, questioning Duke’s three point shooting - coming off of a major Covid pause. Any rational person could see that both teams were Covid-staggered. Not Williams.

Broadcast partner Jordan Cornette tried valiantly to save young KJ from himself but Williams seemed determined to damage his reputation, new as he is, and he succeeded.

You don’t see guys self-immolate like that too often, and a good thing too. If he plans to follow in his famous father’s footsteps, which he hasn’t done very well so far, he better up his game in a big hurry.

His work as a video analyst also leaves much to be desired.

Jim will be along with his take from Cameron shortly.


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