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YouTube Gold: That Time Northwest Missouri State Scared The Crap Out Of Duke

Louisville needs to give Ben McCollum a good, close look.

Clemson v Duke
Northwest Missouri State was good enough to put a scare into #4 Duke in 2019.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We wrote something Wednesday about how we continue to be mystified that Ben McCollum’s name NEVER comes up in a major coaching search and that we think that Louisville would be foolish not to consider him.

We say that because we’ve seen the Bearcats in action twice, both times in Cameron. In 2018, Duke killed them, 93-60. The second time though, NW Missouri State nearly sprang the upset, losing 69-63.

Moreover, Duke was cruising with a 19 point lead with 6:06 left and had to hit free throws down the stretch to preserve the win.

After the game, Coach K talked about how well coached NWSMU is and how challenging they are to defend.

What struck us was that they were really disciplined. They were taking a traditional exhibition beat down in a Cameron exhibition and decided they weren’t having it. They made a deep impression on us and apparently Coach K as well. It’s obvious that Ben McCollum knows what he’s doing. Louisville really should take a look.