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YouTube Gold: Tim Duncan

The Big Fundamental was a big problem

Tim Duncan #21
Tim Duncan with the San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan wasn’t the easiest player to understand. He was very quiet when he was interviewed and stoic on the court. He was rarely demonstrative; rather he was the classic let your game do the talking kind of guy.

When Duke’s Greg Newton had a few things to say about Duncan, when at Wake Forest, Duncan said something like “great, he’s an all-American. Let him talk.”

And then he just eviscerated Newton.

Come to think of it, no one ever really talked much to Duncan. What was the point? He was going to get 25 and 12 a night. No one could really stop him.

And the funny thing was you’d be watching and you’d think, yeah, that guy’s pretty good...and when the game was over, he’d have way more points, boards and blocks than you were thinking.

Part of it was a quiet, methodical nature and part of it was just that his fundamentals were just so good. He didn’t do anything flashy. He just killed you and was on his way.