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YouTube Gold: Tim Duncan Stories

And like Duncan himself, they’re unique

Tim Duncan #21
Tim Duncan, Wake Forest and San Antonio legend

ACC fans know Tim Duncan well. He was a quietly spectacular player at Wake Forest before moving on to the NBA where, if anything, he exceeded expectations.

He helped the Spurs win five NBA titles, three MVP awards and took on the very best big men and more than held his own.

He had a great mystique too: he was called the Big Fundamental, possibly the most boring nickname in history, and played his entire career with a stone pokerface.

Duncan rarely showed any emotion although he was once kicked out of a game for laughing.

When he was at Wake Forest, Duke’s Greg Newton left a story he probably regrets, called Duncan “soft.” Duncan answered back in the press saying “peace to him, he’s the greatest player I’ve ever seen.”

Then he just went out and destroyed Newton, Duke too for that matter.

No one talked much smack to Duncan in the NBA though and in this video, several of them stories about Duncan.

They’re not as memorable as stories about Larry Bird, Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley, but they reflect Duncan. And that’s pretty cool by itself.