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DBR Podcast 345: Coach K Speaks After The First Official Practice!

We are joined by a special guest to discuss what the team had to say.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Washington DC - Practice Sessions Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The first official Duke Men’s Basketball practice of the 2021-22 season was on Tuesday, and Duke used the opportunity to have a media availability for the entire team, including Coach K. Naturally, we were able to secure some audio from Coach K’s press conference as well as the media availability of the players and coaching staff thanks to the helping hand of Matt Burr, co-host of WXDU Sports, who joins us on the second half of Episode 345 to discuss what he learned from the team.

Jason and Donald begin with a couple of soundbites from Coach K, who took to the podium for 30 minutes to discuss this year’s team and how he does not want this to be about his “last” or “final” time. You’ll also hear his thoughts on Wendell Moore’s progression as a leader and player. He has seemed to embrace the role of veteran leader on the team, and it gives Jason and Donald a lot of excitement.

After the break, we welcome Matt Burr to the program to discuss some of the other thoughts he learned from the rest of the team during the media availability. We have some audio from associate head coach Chris Carrawell, who discusses the physicality of the team and how it’s certainly special this year. We also get into a little bit of what some of the thoughts of the rest of the team and how the sentiment is still focused on that 6th national title.