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YouTube Gold: Jaden Schutt

Duke’s latest recruit has a high ceiling

North Carolina v Duke
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - MARCH 07: The Duke Blue Devils mascot performs during the first half of their game against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 07, 2020 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Duke’s latest recruit, Jaden Schutt, is probably underrated. A 6-4 guard out of Yorktown, Illinois, not too far from the west coast of Lake Michigan, if the terminology is correct, he’s a striking young talent.

He gets a lot of attention for his silky jumpshot but Schutt is a lot more than that. On this video, you’ll see solid ball handling - he’s spent time at point for his high school team - rebounding, and hard work on defense.

Still, it’s his shot that draws the most attention and it’s a solid motion. He set a state record with 17 threes in one game.

His father played college ball at NAIA school Concordia Seward and spent a lot of time teaching his four sons how to play. Jaden is the youngest and his dad had him study JJ Redick’s technique and it’s clearly paid off.

His brothers, all ballers, are 6-8, 6-6 and 6-4, so there’s a chance that Jaden might grow some more.

He’s pointed to his weight as a weakness - he’s just 170 currently - but there’s no reason why he can’t put on 30-40 pounds as he matures. His frame could probably carry 220 without too much trouble.

The other thing that you notice here is that he is really intense. It took Redick a few years to get to that point; Schutt has it already.

Don’t be surprised if he moves up considerably in the rankings. As we’ve said often, it doesn't mean that much but it is a measure of how well someone is regarded.

By the way, Schutt is apparently pronounced Shoot. Seems fitting.