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Duke Recruiting: Matas Buzelis Is Something Else

This guy is immensely promising and the recruiting war is just starting to heat up.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: JUN 08 Pangos All-American Camp
LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 08: Matas Buzelis dribbles up the court during the Pangos All-American Camp on June 8, 2021 at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy in Las Vegas, NV.
Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Matas Buzelis (2023) is a kid a lot of people will not have heard of but that won't last much longer.

He’s not as tall as Chet Holmgren - 6-10 vs. 7-1 - but he appears to have a similar game and may be a better ball handler.

We came across this article at and were a bit surprised to see that they’re already giving up on getting him.

The other day Barry Jacobs mentioned in passing that Jim Boeheim’s program has declined a good bit and the fact that a Syracuse site just says that the Orange has no hope of competing for this guy kind of sums that up.

The writer here says he sees the current Blue Bloods as “Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas,” but at the moment we’re not sure we’d put UNC in that class, at least not recruiting-wise, although Hubert Davis could certainly change things.

Small note: he’s from Chicago and Duke has generally done well there.

Here’s some video so you have an idea of what kind of player he is. Highly impressive, to say the least.