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Rockets Waive Former Blue Devil Matthew Hurt

It sometimes takes a while to find your team in the NBA

NBA: NBA:Combine
Jun 24, 2021; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Duke s Matthew Hurt participates during the NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not going to be easy for Matthew Hurt to make it in the NBA - it’s not easy for anyone. Even the most talented players have to work like hell to earn a spot and can never stop working if they want to keep it.

The NBA is the most ruthless meritocracy imaginable.

So it’s no surprise that the Houston Rockets have cut Matthew Hurt.

He had a tremendous sophomore for Duke under the most trying circumstances imaginable but Hurt has some athletic limitations.

That’s not necessarily the end of the world. You can look at lots of guys who have built enduring or even outstanding NBA careers despite not being superb athletes: Steve Kerr, Draymond Green, Luka Garza, Charles Oakley, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are just some that come to mind.

All the talent in the world won’t keep you in the league without profoundly hard work.

We’re not saying that Hurt will find a spot if he just works hard enough. But if he’s willing to pay the price, he might find a home. And if not, there’s no question that he can play overseas for many years. And when you think about it, if you can’t quite make it in the NBA, there’s a lot to be said for playing in Europe and other places around the world. Guys like former Wake Forest great Rod Griffith, Georgia Tech legend Stephon Marbury and Kobe Bryant’s father, Joe, all found tremendous lives in other countries.

It’s not the worst fate in the world if it comes to that. But he’s got plenty of time to make it still and most teams can find room for a brilliant shooter.