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AJ Griffin Signs With CAA

As NIL starts to really pick up

NCAA Basketball: Georgia State at Duke
Nov 15, 2019; Durham, NC, USA; The Duke Blue Devils mascot waves a flag during the second half against the Georgia State Panthers at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t see this when it broke but it’s definitely interesting: AJ Griffin will join Paolo Banchero as a CAA client.

It’s great news for Griffin of course and he should do very well with his NIL income.

But it’s also great news for Jon Scheyer as recruits are going to notice that Brotherhood members are doing things like NBA2K and who knows what’s coming next?

Duke’s brand, built carefully over decades, is going to be a dominant presence in NIL Land and people are definitely going to notice. It’s the kind of thing that’s going to feed on itself.

Actually, it’s a good chance for Duke students to get entrepreneurial. We kind of hoped someone would get around to 3-D printing customized face masks - it just seemed like an obvious and easy business for bright college kids to get into. We can imagine that coaches for one would be thrilled to have a mask that fit their faces and offered protection and also let their players see their faces.

We could see someone now doing something with NFT to open up new possibilities. Why not? Who better to do it than a Duke student?