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YouTube Gold: Chet Holmgren vs. Victor Wembanyama

These guys are going to be fun to watch through the years

International All Star Game presented by adidas - 2019 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague F4
VITORIA-GASTEIZ, SPAIN - MAY 18: Josh Lazaro, #11 of Team Asia competes with Victor Wembanyama, #22 of Team Europe during the 2019 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague F4 International All Star Game presented by adidas at Polideportivo Mendizorrotza on May 18, 2019 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
Photo by David Grau/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

We’ve talked about both 7-1 Chet Holmgren and 7-3 Victor Wembanyama lately. Both young big men are immensely promising.

Wemanyama is French so we won’t see or hear as much about him as we have about Holmgren so this video is really interesting: it’s the US vs. France in the FIBA U19 Championship.

Holmgren is a really good basketball player but we have some concerns, notably his very slight build and his foot speed.

Wembanyama is a lot more athletic as you’ll see in one move when he takes Holmgren from the corner to the basket and Holmgren just isn’t quick enough to react.

And like Holmgren, he has range too.

Holmgren impresses here with his basketball savvy, particularly as a passer. As we’ve said before, we have no idea how he’ll ultimately fill out and right now, he’s not imposing physically other than being tall. But he also has a knack for blocking shots, which he demonstrates again, and like Wembanyama, we’ll see him in the NBA soon in what could be a highly entertaining long-term rivalry.