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Could Scheyer’s First Class Stick Around For Awhile?

We could see it

Jr. NBA World Championships U.S. Semifinals - Northeast Boys v Southeast Boys
ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 11: Kyle Filipowski #22 of the Northeast Boys handles the ball during the game during the Jr. NBA World Championship U.S. Semifinals on August 11, 2018 at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s still really early but when we look at Jon Scheyer’s run of commitments - Kyle Filipowski, Dariq Whitehead, Jaden Schutt and Caleb Foster - we think there’s a chance we might see most of them together.

That’s not that common anymore of course, at least not at Duke and as DJ Steward taught us, being ready isn’t always a priority anymore.

That said, here’s why we think most of them might stay past their freshman year.

  • Filipowski: He’s said that he’s taking education seriously. He could always come back of course but he strikes us as a guy who's not in a hurry to move on.
  • Schutt: We’re deeply impressed with Schutt’s work ethic and desire. He wants to be great. But he’ll need to be a bit more physically mature to get there and we think he’s smart enough to know it.
  • Whitehead: he’s the most physically ready but he would also be stepping into a hugely demanding NBA role. He could guard RJ Barrett one night, Luka Doncic the next and then Jimmy Butler on the weekend.

It’d be a lot of fun to see these guys stick around long enough to partner up with Foster. That could be the base of a wonderful team.