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Zion Williamson Routs Gina Ford In Court

The judge made Ford’s camp look foolish

Duke University vs Virginia Tech University, 2019 NCAA East Regional Semifinals
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Closeup from rear of jersey of Duke Zion Williamson (1) during game vs Virginia Tech at Capital One Arena. Washington, DC 3/29/2019
Set Number: X162573 TK1

Zion Williamson is used to getting wins on the court but his latest one came in court: a federal judge has ruled in his favor in his argument with agent Gina Ford.

Judge Loretta Biggs gave Williamson an overwhelming victory. She ruled that Ford was not properly registered in North Carolina, and that language designed to make clear that any student-athlete who signs with an agent forfeits his NCAA eligibility wasn’t included in his contract. It didn’t.

She alleged that he had never been eligible but Duke proved that to be incorrect.

Judge Biggs even said that “[I]t appears that defendants wish to engage in a fishing expedition into the backgrounds of plaintiff, his parents, and his associates.”

It’s a solid win for Williamson but here’s the next question: if he chose to, would he have grounds to sue Ford for damages to his reputation? Because she made some strong allegations. It might be nice to put those to rest too.