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Duke Recruiting: JJ Starling Down To Five

Duke is in play along with two ACC schools, Northwestern and Syracuse

Duke v Notre Dame
Jon Scheyer doing a great impression of Brad Stevens with glasses

Duke target JJ Starling has cut his list and is down to five: Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, Notre Dame and Syracuse.

That means that Duke is recruiting against both Chris Collins (Northwestern) and Mike Brey (Notre Dame), both former Krzyzewski assistants.

Syracuse is only about fifteen minutes from where he grew up which could be good for bad depending on what he wants.

However, the other four schools all feature superb academics and highly competitive conferences. Stanford is barely above .500 under Jerrod Hasse though and Collins and Brey have had tough seasons recently.

Duke has racked up some big commitments and Starling says those guys are also working him hard: “I’ve heard from every school, whether it’s guys on the team or the commits but I’m not gonna lie, the most I’ve heard from is Duke. I’m cool with Kyle (Filipowski), I’m cool with Dariq (Whitehead). We’ve been playing against each other for so long. We see each other all the time. We just saw each other at the Slam thing, you know and there always going to be like ‘come to Duke, come to Duke, come team up’ and stuff like that. So yeah, I’d definitely say the Duke commits.”