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Paolo Banchero Cuts A Historic Deal, Will Be In NBA2K

The world has indeed changed

2021 NBA 2K League Finals - Jazz Gaming v Wizards District Gaming
DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 4: A NBA 2K League Finals graphic before the Jazz Gaming game against the Wizards District Gaming during the 2021 NBA 2k League Finals on September 4, 2021 at the Mavs Gaming Hub in Dallas, Texas.
Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

Looks like that CAA deal is paying off for Paolo Banchero: he’s set to be the first college player to appear in NBA2K. Talk about name and image!

Obviously this couldn’t happen before this summer’s Supreme Court ruling and it may open the doors for many others. But it’s still kind of strange to think of a college player being part of an NBA game. On one level it just doesn’t make sense.

But on another? Why not? We’re in a bold new world.

Speaking of NIL stuff, UCLA’s Jaylen Clark is doing something perhaps more audacious: he’s starting his own crypto currency.

He’s calling it $JROCK.

It’s an interesting idea but honestly we can’t really see it working very well. Crypto depends to a large extent on scale combined with a limited supply, which is intended to make a market that behaves somewhat like gold.

Apparently he plans to use it with social media promotions but with less than 100,000 followers, we can’t see him scaling this up enough to make real money.

To us it’s kind of analogous to trying to sell your own operating system. It just doesn’t seem viable. But we’d be happy if he proved us wrong.

But maybe he’ll inspire Banchero to ask to be paid in more reliable crypto. Go look at a long-term graph of Bitcoin or Eutherium. That could be an interesting long-term strategy.