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YouTube Gold: The Genius Of Reggie Miller

The guy annoyed and amazed at the same time

Indiana Pacers v Washington Bullets
Indiana Pacer great Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller really is one of the more interesting players to come along in the NBA.

He played from 1987-2005 and was famous for two things: talking trash and scoring.

He played against a lot of the greats - Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing - the whole Dream Team really - and a lot of other really good players.

It took him awhile to escape his sister’s shadow - Cheryl is still considered by many to be the greatest women’s player of all time - and he said he learned to talk trash playing against her.

He had a special knack for irritating Jordan and is apparently the only guy to ever get him ejected.

Jordan said at one point that guarding him was like guarding spaghetti.

The thing was, he could back it all up.

The guy was a spectacular offensive talent who was almost impossible to stop.

This video is a collection of stories players tell about playing against Miller. What’s hilarious is just how much he pissed them all off. John Starks still sounds mad.