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YouTube Gold: Stupidest Video You'll See Today

The premise here is just ridiculous

Duke University Christian Laettner, 1992 NCAA East Regional Finals
UNITED STATES - MARCH 28: College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs, Duke Christian Laettner (32) in action, making game winning, buzzer beating shot with 2,1 seconds left vs Kentucky, Philadelphia, PA
SetNumber: X42667 TK7 R2 F19

Ya know...sometimes things are slow at work and your boss just has to figure out something for you to do.

Sometimes it’s kind of stupid.

Take this thing called Sports Court. a faux judge has two fake attorneys present evidence about a sports dispute and someone came up with this idea. Who was better in the NCAA Tournament, Carmelo Anthony or Christian Laettner?


The Carmelo shyster does his best and Anthony did have a great tournament his freshman year, but so what?

Laettner went to four Final fours and three championship games and along the way he gunned down UConn and Kentucky personally and helped lead Duke to one of the great upsets in Final Four history when the Blue Devils knocked off undefeated UNLV in 1991. Toss in back-to-back titles and there’s no argument.

If you wanted to make this a more interesting argument, you should do this: make it Laettner vs. Kareem Adbul-Jabbar or Bill Walton or possibly Bill Russell. Because in college basketball, those are the only guys who are in his class.