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Bethany Peters Is Doing Another Fundraiser, Shane Battier And Coach K Are Supportive, And Look What You Could Win!

Duke fans will love this and it could be worth something too.

122nd Boston Marathon
Start of the Boston Marathon
Photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We’re always happy to help people do cool stuff when we can. One of our favorite people to help is Bethany. Here’s what she’s trying to do which is pretty decent and caring:

My name is Bethany L Peters, Ph.D.’02, and I run marathons with World Vision to try to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world. A lot of wonderful people have helped me, including Duke legend Shane Battier, who has been very kind and generous.

World Vision child sponsorship programs focus on improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of the most vulnerable children. Decades of experience have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen the child’s entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact, because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more benefit as well. It costs $1.28/day, or $39/month, or $468/year to sponsor one child.

Coach K has generously donated an autographed copy of A Season Is A Lifetime for this fundraiser. Each child sponsored will gain an entry into a random drawing on September 1, 2021 for the book.

It is a bit of a price, but not when you think about what you get in return. Listen to Abdul’s (age 8, Uganda) most recent hand-written letter:


Ha, you circled my birth days wow thank you so much for Loving me yes I can Find yours also it is 23rd OF may

I Love you so much !!

God bless you


My story and how to sponsor:

Thank you for your support & consideration! If you do help out, please forward the World Vision receipt or provide screenshot in an email to - also include whether it’s okay for me to share a congratulatory post about the sponsorship (if so, include child’s name & photo)!

Go Farther Together, and thank so much!! Bethany