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Duke Recruiting: Jaden Schutt Update

As the talented young guard discusses some of the schools after him and their approaches

Duke University vs University of Miami
College Basketball: Duke Cameron Crazies fans in stands during game vs Miami at Cameron Indoor. Durham, NC
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Our apologies for being a bit late this this: Jaden Schutt talked to about the schools that have been recruiting him the most avidly. Duke of course is on his list and here’s what he had to say about how Jon Scheyer and the Blue Devils:

“It felt great [to get an offer], it was definitely an honor, definitely a school that I grew up watching. Their message is basically is they love how I can score and love how I can shoot. I’ve been just talking to [Jon] Scheyer about what his plan is for me and how he plans on coaching next year and his play style and all that. So just trying to figure out kind of what his plan is.”

Not surprisingly, a lot of big schools are in pursuit now after he emerged as a big-time talent this summer, including Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Florida and Gonzaga.

Given how fast he’s rising, plenty of more major powers are going to be after him too.