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YouTube Gold: Duke-UNC, 1992, In Cameron

Need we say more?

North Carolina State University vs Duke University
The eyes of an assassin - Blue Devil Christian Laettner in 1992
Set Number: X42542

In 1982, some people wanted to run Mike Krzyzewski out of town. Ten years later, Duke would win its second straight title, something no one had done since UCLA under John Wooden (although Wooden won his second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh straight).

Duke finished 34-2 with the only losses being to Wake Forest and UNC.

The Blue Devils got a second shot at UNC of course, in Cameron, and to make it even more intense, it was Senior Day for Christian Laettner and Brian Davis.

UNC was an outstanding team too that would go on to win the national championship the following year with a team that was a pure distillation of Dean Smith’s system and philosophy. With Eric Montross, Derrick Phelps and Donald Williams, UNC would knock off the Fab Five, a year after Duke took them down in the championship game.

But 1992 belonged to Duke. With Laettner, Davis, Grant Hill, Thomas Hill and Bobby Hurley, the Blue Devils were a load for anyone and on Laettner’s Senior Day?

There was no way UNC was winning that one.

The Blue Devils won 89-77 to set them up for the post-season and to underscore the Cameron win, Duke beat UNC by 20 in the ACC Tournament.