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Would The ACC Leave Greensboro?

Didn’t see that coming...

Duke vs. UNC, Johnny Dawkins
College Basketball: ACC Tournament: Duke Johnny Dawkins (24) in action, dunk vs UNC. Greensboro, NC 3/10/1984
Set Number: X29723 TK2

The ACC has a long and rich history in Greensboro. After leaving NC State’s Reynolds Coliseum, where it was held in the early days of the conference, it moved to the Greensboro Coliseum and that’s still the spiritual home of the tournament.

The headquarters are there too and have been since the beginning. But that may not last much longer.

New Commissioner Jim Phillips is doing what he says is a “fiduciary responsibility to ensure that remaining headquartered in Greensboro is what is in the best long-term interests of the Conference.”

He also says this: “Let me be very clear — there is no imminent decision on a possible relocation of our Conference office. We are simply doing our due diligence as we enter a new chapter in our storied history. This is part of our responsibility as we undertake a holistic review and assessment of the ACC.”

This is where Phillips, who so far has been pretty sure footed, may come to realize that he’s still an outsider.

The city is going to blow a gasket and the old ACC schools, most of all the Big Four, may not like this one bit.

Phillips seems a lot smarter than Larry Scott, the former Pac-12 Commissioner, who alienated conference members in a lot of ways, not least of all by moving headquarters to expensive real estate in San Francisco where he had a suite with a personal chef that cost $7,500 - per night. (the conference is talking about moving to Las Vegas to cut costs).

Greensboro plays a central part in ACC history and culture. We hope he really thinks this through.