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Chris Mack Suspended By Louisville

Syndication: Louisville
Louisville head coach Chris Mack, right, talks with assistant Dino Guadio during basketball practice Nov. 22, 2018. 
Danielle Lerner/ Courier Journal

Louisville came down on Chris Mack much harder than we expected.

As you’ll recall, former Cards assistant Dino Gaudio, who was also the head coach at Wake Forest for several years, attempted to extort Mack after he was told he would be let go.

Louisville AD Vince Tyra said this: “While we have made great strides over the last four years in changing the culture in our Department of Athletics, we cannot afford to have any setbacks, no matter how big or small, in our pursuits. I am confident that Coach Mack now understands the impact of his actions. We all have confidence in him moving forward. I am grateful for the partnership and support of President (Neeli) Bendapudi in this matter.”

Now he does? He didn’t know where he was working until this Friday?

He’s paying a significant financial penalty: Mack is going to lose about $221,000 due to the suspension.