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YouTube Gold: Dennis Rodman And David Robinson

A nice moment between two very different players

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings
 SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 24: Dennis Rodman #10 and David Robinston #50 of the San Antonio Spurs talk against the Sacramento Kings on March 24, 1994 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Between his stellar tenures with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman was a San Antonio Spur.

One of his teammates there was the great David Robinson, and you probably couldn’t find two guys who were more totally opposite than those two. Rodman was, at least in public, odd and difficult at least for his coaches.

Robinson, by contrast, was a Navy grad, tightly disciplined and a dedicated Christian.

But they both had a couple of important things in common: they were both highly competitive and they loved to win.

So when you see this play between them, it’s pretty cool: Rodman hits Robinson with a lazy, easy pass and then Robinson drives to the basket for a big-time dunk over an Orlando Magi defender, look at Rodman’s reaction: the persona is put to the side. At this point, it’s just Rodman being happy that Robinson made a sensational play.

At his best, and that was by any definition world class, Rodman was a supreme winner.